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We are committed to designing, manufacturing, and assembling products to a high quality.

We stand behind the quality and performance of all our products including materials, mechanical parts, and workmanship, and warrant to the original purchaser that products bearing the reference numbers noted are sold free from defects in materials, mechanical parts, and workmanship 

In the unlikely event that a problem should arise as a result of defective materials or workmanship, BA will repair or replace your product under the terms of the BA Warranty Policy.  Click on the links below to either register your product, make a warranty enquiry or view our warranty T's & C's.


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BA Pumps & Sprayers Warranty Policy

BA sprayers come with a 12-month standard factory warranty. For products sold to contractors, the warranty is 6 months. BA spreaders carry a 24-month warranty. The warranty term covers all BA models bearing a serial number. BA warrants to the original purchaser that the eligible product will be free from any defects in material, parts, or workmanship. BA undertakes to repair or replace for the original purchaser any part or parts that are deemed by BA to be faulty within the specified warranty period, providing that the equipment has been used for normal purposes only in accordance with the instructions.

What The BA Warranty Covers

  • This warranty covers defects in design, materials, or workmanship only
  • The BA Warranty is in addition to all other rights and remedies that a consumer may have against BA Pumps and Sprayers under applicable legislation
  • Except as expressly stated in this warranty and as provided for by the applicable legislation no other warranties, conditions, and liabilities or otherwise are given
  • During the warranty period, BA will repair or at its option replace at no charge the BA product or any other components thereof that prove to be defective, provided the BA product or components are returned to BA via the BA dealer from whom they were purchased and the transportation charges are prepaid

What The BA Warranty Does NOT Cover

  • Surface coatings (paint) or minor galvanising defects
  • Pickup or delivery of the equipment, freight, travelling time, mileage, or telephone calls
  • Rental or replacement equipment during the repair period
  • Failure from not following BA operating procedures and instructions in the Operator’s Manual
  • Use of unsuitable lubricants or failure to comply with the lubricating schedule as specified in the Operator’s Manual
  • Neglected maintenance or divergence from the maintenance schedule as specified in the Operator Manual
  • Reasonable wear and tear, or violent impact
  • Misuse or misapplication which is contrary to the intended purpose, including abusive operation
  • Natural or accidental calamities
  • Unauthorised modifications and attachments, repairs, or servicing
  • Use of non-BA parts

Warranty work may only be carried out by an authorised BA dealer under the express permission of BA.

All warranty claims are to be submitted on the correct BA Warranty Form and accompanied with the faulty part.

Customer/Dealer Responsibility

When a new PTO or petrol-powered sprayer is purchased, the dealer must properly commission the unit and show the customer how to operate the product. The customer must read the operator's manual for use and maintenance instructions. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the sprayer in accordance with the instructions provided including regular flushing of the sprayer with fresh water, ensuring pump, engine, and gearbox oil is maintained clean and at the correct level, and the sprayer is fully drained of water in cold weather. The sprayer should be stored under cover.

It is also the end users' responsibility to operate the equipment in a safe manner and for the use for which it was designed. If a defect in design, materials, or workmanship occurs, it is the owners' responsibility to cease operation until repairs are made. Damage that occurs from continued operation may not be covered by this warranty. Product owners should contact their authorized BA dealer or representative immediately so that repairs can be made promptly.

Maximum Liability

The maximum liability which is accepted by BA is limited to the replacement of faulty goods only. In the manufacture of our goods, every care has been taken but as the use of the goods is outside our control, the end user assumes all responsibility for the use of the goods and neither the manufacturer nor any distributor or retailer shall be liable for any loss, damage or downtime resulting from use. Any advice or recommendation given by BA and its staff is given in good faith and based on the best information available to us but neither BA nor our staff accept liability arising from following that advice.

BA Pumps & Sprayers Right To Make Changes

BA reserves the right to make any changes in design and changes or improvements to a BA product at any time without incurring any obligation concerning any product previously ordered, sold, or shipped.

Warranty Claim Process

Fault Occurs and Dealer Notified
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product for an initial assessment of the product issue. Where the dealer does not have a service department, they will arrange with BA which servicing dealer to take the product to for assessment. The servicing dealer will diagnose the fault and submit a Warranty Enquiry to the BA Warranty department.

BA Advises its Response to the Warranty Enquiry
BA advises the dealer whether it will accept the fault as a warranty claim, subject to seeing the returned parts. (Note any repairs made before approval may not be covered by BA). The dealer advises you whether the fault is covered by warranty.

Fault Remedied
Assuming the fault is deemed a warranty issue, the Dealer will remedy the fault and advise when the product is ready to be picked up.